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The following testimonials were written by just some of our happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give us permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that our down-to-earth and honest approach has earned us many friends - we think that's fantastic!

Thanks to Larry and Ruth

Thanks to Larry and Ruth the selling of our house and the buying of the condo went smoothly and quickly. Larry guided us through the negotiation process calmly and with no pressure. Ruth took care of our emotions (and there are lots when selling the house you love!) by listening to our concerns and letting us unload our thoughts on her. We would recommend Ruth and Larry to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home. 


- Liz & Eck

Perfect Guide and Resource

 "From our first introduction to Larry (my husband's parents recommended him to us after buying a house through him),  it was clear that we were working with a consummate professional who rose above the standard, and really extended care and individual attention to the families he worked with.  There was a personal touch even from that initial meeting, a desire to get to know who we were, with the understanding that through this process, he could better determine how to meet our housing needs.


And as he got to know us, Larry understood quickly that because we were not from the Island, he would need to help familiarize us with the jurisdictions we were looking within even while showing us homes, and he didn't shy away from this daunting task.  He not only referred us to helpful reading, he took the time to actually tour us through different communities, providing us with personal insights and descriptions that no tour book or self-lead exploration could provide. 


Larry worked with us day-in and day-out, accompanying us from start to finish as we went through the ups and downs of finding the right home to meet our needs.  He was a perfect guide and resource, generating information and calculated advice on homes, while allowing us the space to respond to what we saw.  He entertained all of our feedback, and worked tirelessly to help refine our search, while being extremely flexible in allowing us to go in different directions as we saw fit.  We've bought and sold numerous homes in various provinces, and we've never come across a more ideal realtor!


Besides professional skills, it's definitely worth noting that the personal touch that Larry brings to his work also extends to the way he interacted with us on a daily basis during our search.  From showing real love and attention to our children (Larry even helped us with finding excellent childcare on a few occasions), to the way he accommodated our schedules and needs (from finding a place to stay while in the area, to recommending attractions to take the kids to between house showings), we felt very well taken care of.


We feel very comfortable in recommending this capable and caring individual to meet your real estate needs!" 


- T. Leggett

Honest and Genuinely Interested

"We totally enjoyed viewing the homes with Larry and Ruth. We feel that they both were very honest and genuinely interested in helping us find the perfect home for us. We have dealt with a lot of realtors over the years and can honestly say that this time we both feel like we have someone working for us."


- Renee & Wayne

They Really Know Their Stuff

"In early December, we arrived on the Island. Larry and Ruth drove us around and guided us through the various jurisdictions and areas that we were interested in seeing and learning more about. Their in-depth knowledge was very impressive. They really know their stuff.


Larry and Ruth are a fantastic team! They really made our house hunting experience both informative and fun. Within just 6 days of searching the properties they selected for us to consider, they found us a home that we immediately fell in love with... and the rest, as they say is "history"!"


- Craig & Ellen

They Were Always Working For Us

"When it came time for us to downsize both house and property, we interviewed a few realtors before choosing Larry and Ruth to represent us in the sale of our waterfront home and purchase of a smaller house.


They were the only realtors who looked ahead - asking us what type of house we desired and what areas might appeal to us, rather than simply concentrating on selling what we owned. They felt - as we did - that there wouldn't be a great deal of difficulty selling our oceanfront home. However, it might be more difficult to find a house and yard that would satisfy our needs and wishes. They were very clear in what their roles would be if we chose them as our realtors and our questions and concerns were dealt with honestly and fully.


With each waterfront showing, they were always present. This provided piece of mind on our part, knowing they were there as custodians of our home and able to answer any questions potential buyers might pose. Having the listing realtors present is not usually the case, but we appreciated it immensely.


When any kind of problem arose concerning inspections, they either told us how we could resolve the issue or they made sure the person/company responsible corrected the situation. When we mentioned their diligence to others, they seemed very impressed and often had never heard of a realtor who'd offered the kind of services they performed on a regular basis.


We felt they were always working for us, trying to make our experience of selling, buying, and downsizing as smooth and as pleasant as possible. We fell their team performed "Above and Beyond" when it came to the professionalism, diligence, and integrity exhibited during the performance of their duties."


- Susan & David